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Here in Westerly, RI I offer a few different fiber processing services, and I want them to be accessible to all who need them. Therefore, there is currently no minimum amount required. Everything is done by my two hands using manual processing methods. Each service is offered a la carte so whatever your needs are I can work with you to accommodate.
Shipping, drop off and pick up are all possible ways to get your wool to CWW.


 Skirting is the process of removing undesirable parts of the raw fleece before moving to the scouring process. This is the step that is easiest and most cost effective for you to do yourself. I remove dags (dung filled locks), excess vegetation, and matted locks. Though often called waste wool, these bits can further be used in other applications such as compost or mulch. 



Scouring is the process of removing lanolin from wool. Lanolin is a waxy substance secreted by the sheep onto the wool for protection from the elements. During the scouring process, other dirt, sweat, urine and vegetation can also washed away. Lanolin is heavy and you can expect a 20-50% loss in weight depending on breed after scouring.



Picking/Carding are two halves of the same process. Picking is the action of opening up the locks for further release of vegetable matter, as well as for easier carding.  Carding is then done to prepare the fibers for spinning into yarn or making into felt. Carding is typically referred to as a woolen prep to signify the type of yarn it is best suited for. Straight from the carder, the wool comes in what is called a batt. Our carder produces a 9"x22" batt. which can be further pulled into roving.



This step is a way to transform carded fiber into a manageable form factor for spinning. Here, a tool called a diz (for which a button can be substituted) is used to hand pull the carded fiber into a long continuous strip of roving. This service can be added on to the order for $3 a pound.



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Hi! I am Amanda, owner and operator of Coastal Wool Washing. I am based out of Westerly, RI and love serving RI, CT, MA and beyond. This is a one woman show with tons of support from my two young kiddos and my Mr. Wonderful.  They fully embrace my love of all things wool, and I am incredibly thankful for the enthusiasm they show for my efforts. 

My background in wool can be described as an adventurous and avid explorer. To be clear, I am self-taught in every facet of fiber craft I practice and consider myself to always be a student in my passion.  You will often find me knitting, crocheting, spinning, or weaving when not washing wool and doing mom things. 



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